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Why do the Single Speed and Forward Only Transmission Mod?

Good question. 

Your truck is no longer powered by a one way, no power at idle, nitro motor.  Your truck will be an electric vehicle and run like one. Max torque from the time you touch the throttle, and reverse from the Electronic speed control.
   Put your truck on a diet get rid of those 2 servos, put the single speed and forward only gears in the transmission, you don't need to spool the engine up into the power band, you get rid of the centrifugal clutch, this turns the transmission into a gear box, which converts your high speed mild torque of the Nitro engine Maxx, into a gobs of low end torque Brushless Maxx.  your truck will end up weighing almost the same, nitro / Electric.

If you get hooked on doing wheelies like I did, you will need hardened steel, pinion and spur gears, (that is why the new gears in the transmission are much wider/thicker than the old, to take the torque) One of the other advantages is Brakes, the ESC gives you brakes that actually stop the truck, and stop it right now, So much so that you may roll the truck over in an endo. My truck will flip over and end up on the wheels again if I hit the brakes too hard at speed !!!
  Next you will see the plastic drive shafts to the wheels begin to look like licorice candy and break. Traxxas makes Steel drive shafts for the Maxx. They look great and you won't twist them off.

    A wheelie bar is mandatory, you are going to get on the throttle too hard, use of a body or a roll cage is recommended to prevent damage to the truck.
I recommend a 550 size motor for lots of torque, it is a 10 pound truck, I have found the Novak HV 6.5 or 5.5, 550 motor ESC combo to be purfect, you can run a 5000mAh battery in july and not heat anything up, except you head, the neighbors, they will grow to love your T-Maxx as much as they use to hate the Nitro one.

Novak doesn't sell the HV motor and ESC combo any longer, I found them available at  www.Rcboca.com