Twin Motor Eagle Camera Plane 1

I decided to turn my great flying Sig

Eagle into a camera plane. I had converted it to Electric power when I built the kit. Having the prop in front of the camera was unacceptable. The decision to convert to twin engine plane was an easy one. The JVC HD video camera I had was light but the shape was wrong. Here is the plane as converted to electric flight.


original Eagle

Here is the Eagle with the JVC HD Video camers in the noseJVC in EagleJVC HD CameraThis worked for the camera, (tiletd forward) The plane didn't like that blunt shape in the nose, and flew badly.

This is the Twin Motor wing I built for the Eagle. The wing was cut from Blue insulation with a hot wire, the nacelles were made the same way, The shinny surface is from a coat of Epoxy resin ( Epoxy does not harm the foam)


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