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T-Maxx Conversion to Electric Power

You want to convert you T-Maxx to, clean, quiet, efficient, easy to run, Electric Power.

That's great, my Mechanical Engineer and I love our Brushless Electric, T-Maxxs’.
How2rc.com’s Mechanical Engineer, (Matt), has designed and tested, 5 Motor Mounts for the T-Maxx, allowing for 3 different motor positions. And now the NEW 6th Motor Mount for the Traxxas 775 Brushed motor.

We strongly advise, rebuilding the transmission, with the Single Speed kit from Traxxas and the Forward Only kit from Traxxas, together they cost just over $20.00.
This is really quite easy, just take out all the old gears and shafts, and replace them with the new parts, the gears are much wider/ stronger and can really take it.

The original T-Maxx throught the 2.5 series, called the Classic T-Maxx, transmissions require the,

Single Speed Kit, Traxxas part #5193X and the Forward only Kit # 4994X

The 3.3 needs the Forware only Kit, #5394X from Traxxas

This modification to the transmission makes it possible for the Motor and ESC to do Forward, Brakes, and Reverse, and eliminates the need for a servo, along with the nitro motor and gas tank and the disk brake. When I say Brakes I mean stop on a dime and give you 9cents change, type of Brakes If that is what you like. Or controllable progressive brakes. Adjustable from your ESC.

The Transmission modification simply makes the transmission into a gear box (direct drive, gear reduction), that makes brakes and reverse with the motor and ESC, possible.

How2rc’s Electric Conversion Motor Mounts;

Bolt on through existing holes in the chassis, with supplied machine screws. The same holes the nitro motor used, so no drilling is necessary. The exception is the Side Mount which only has 3 bolts.

Any 550 Brushless motor will bolt on directly. Motors with 5mm output shafts are advised.

Most 1/8 scale 40mm size motors will fit our mounts, Except in the Side Mount!

40mm diameter and larger Motors will NOT work with the Side Mount.

These Motor Mounts allow adjustment for different pinion and spur gear combinations. To adjust performance and, speed as you like.

You will have to figure out the gear ratios that will produce the performance you desire with the motor you are using. With a 3700Kv motor stock ratios work just fine.

Any 550 size motor with a kv rating or 3400kv-4500kv will give you amazing performance with a 2S LiPo Battery. NiCd and NiMh batteries can NOT provide the Amperage these motors require for the performance you expect. Motors with lower Kv ratings 2200-2600Kv will require 4S, 14.8v, two 2S car packs.

You will need LiPo batteries 2S. 7.4v, a LiPo battery Charger, a Motor and ESC, just like any other conversion All that is left is a Motor Mount, some cost as much as $150.00

How2rc’s Motor Mounts start at $24.95 incliding shipping.

Why do the One Way, Single Speed, Trans Mod?