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Building the Viking 1




Building the Viking 1

In late winter 2008 I decided I wanted a boat that could handle the normal conditions on   the lake that I live on. I have a 50" nitro boat in the style of the 1980's Apache. I just wanted one a little smaller for Electric. I took measurments from my Apache and reduced them in scale to get a 36" boat and drew up the plans.

Next I constructed the hull, plank on frame, I lofted the frames from the measurments on the plans I had drawn, cut them out of plywood and included a bracked on top so the keel (made of Mahogany) would be level on the building board. Then I planked the hull with balsa and bass wood. Following that came a layer of fiberglass and lots of sanding. This hull would be my plug for the mold I made so I can make more than one of these hulls.

Later I would have to build plugs for the Deck and Hatch (cockpit area) and make molds from them.

When the hull was sanded to my satisfaction I began waxing, and waxing and waxing, 6 coats of hard Carnuba wax to make sure the mold would come off the hull plug. I used black tooling gel coat to make the mold over my plug, I waited a couple of days for the fiberglass resin to harden befor trying to lift it off the plug. The PVA I sprayed onto the plug just prior to putting on the first sprayed coat of tooling gel worked along with all that wax, and the mold came off reletively easily. I stuffer it right back in and built a box around the mold and filled it with expanding foam and let that harden for a couple of days. That was so the mold would not warp as the resin continued to cure for the next month or so.

Then came the fun, well after more waxing, laying up a hull in the mold, the first hull out of the mold became Viking 1.

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The red orange and yellow boat is the Viking 5 waiting for a power train and radio.

Here is a video of the Viking 1 on Lake Zoar.