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Buy them now How2RC.com Motor Mounts

The New Monster Motor mount for T-Maxx

Designed for 1/8scale motors like the

Mamba Monster motor.

 The Videos on How2RC are always Free and so is the advice. I started this site after seeing so many basic building questions on the forums. What glue do I use, how do I solder, how do I cut these, basic building skills for Planes, Boats, Cars, and Trucks.




I have build threads here following the steps to build a plane or a boat.     The Polaris Seaplane see the Polaris Project.

 Everything you need to know to convert a T-Maxx To Brushless Battery power


Putting hardware on boats

The Basics of Batteries

Electric motors, Brushed and Brushless  On Basic Building Skills now

Batteries LiPos, NiMh

Waterproofing Electronics !

-- available on basic building skills now


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